These attorneys have told the Office of Plaintiffs' Liaison Counsel ("OPLC") that they are willing to assist breast implant claimants in the completion and submission of claim packages to the MDL 926 Revised Settlement Program and/or the Dow Corning Settlement Facility. This information has been compiled by the OPLC as a service to claimants. It represents merely those attorneys who have expressed their willingness at some time in the past to assist claimants with breast implant and silicone-related claims. An attorney's inclusion on the linked list does not constitute an endorsement by the OPLC and does not constitute a representation that the attorney listed thereon will agree to assist a claimant, nor is it a guarantee of a favorable outcome to any action undertaken. You may want to inquire more specifically about the information contained on this list by calling the OPLC at (205)252-6784.